Genoa not to be missed

What it includes

Walk through the historic center with a private local tour guide visiting the following places:

  • Porto Antico and Caricamento square
  • Palazzo Saint George (first town hall since 1260) and XII century old Porticoes of Sottoripa
  • Banchi Square ()
  • the noble dwellings of Via Garbaldi, called “Palazzi dei Rolli”
  • Campetto and the noble “Imperiale” family palace
  • Piazza De Ferrari
  • House of Colombo and Porta Soprana
  • Il Gesù, the church of Jesuits (best Genoese Baroque decorations)
  • Palazzo Ducale, the XVI century Genoa’s Republic government siege
  • Cathedral

Hotel Pickup

It is possible to meet you directly at your accommodation in Genoa, if central.


Around 2.5 hours.

A path designed for those arriving for the first time in Genoa and desiring to see the most representative places and monuments of the city.

From Porto Antico, Caricamento square and the Saint George palace, through Piazza Banchi (the bankers famous first activity place in the world) and via San Luca, up to via Garibaldi and its noble dwellings called “Palazzi dei Rolli” (since 2006 UNESCO World Heritage Site). Then down among the ancient and recent shops of Soziglia, towards Campetto and the noble “Imperiale” family palace, and the Piazzetta dei Doria, with their private church. The central Piazza De Ferrari, the Porta Soprana, the House of Colombo, the Gesù church, Palazzo Ducale and finally the magnificent Cathedral.

My narration will make talk the stones of those ancient buildings that have fascinated generations of travelers. I will tell you not only about artistic currents or decorative details of buildings but also about the great history of the Queen of the Mediterranean, through the stories of its protagonists: merchants, ship-owners, pirates, notaries, artisans, and common people.


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