Genoa City Walls and Forts.

What it includes

  • 4 Hours Guided Tour with qualified Tourist Guide
  • Description of the history of the Walls in relation to the events of the city of Genoa
  • Easy walks on paved or beaten roads
  • Photo stops

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Cancellation policy

48 hour before


4 hours

Meeting point

Funicolare del Righi, Zecca Square


On this walk, you will visit the landscape of the “Parco delle Mura”, historical military architecture, and at the same time a Protected Natural Area of local interest. That is to say, “The Walls” of the 17th century, were built to defend the city and its port. Today they are the longest walls around a town in the world second only to Chinese walls! Additionally, they are still well preserved but almost invisible from the town. For this reason, we invite you to follow us and discover this magnificent place, sometimes wild, that surrounds the city and meets nature. A natural environment at the same time mediterranean and Alpine, with a landscape of trees, walls, and panoramas.

More information

Firstly we will leave from the departure station of the famous 100 years old funicular in Largo Zecca. After the first tunnel, his path becomes spectacular and its slopes offer moments of thrill and excitement! The final view at the Monte Righi terminus station is amazing! Here the gaze is lost on the horizon which on clear days also allows you to see even the island of Corsica! Following an easy path, we meet overall an Astronomical Observatory, a bridge over the moat of the first defensive wall of the Fort Castellaccio, the wood that runs along the long building up to reach the wide road on the bastion of the walls with the view that opens towards. The view extends to the sea in the direction of Monte di Portofino, over the Val Bisagno, and towards Monte Fasce. In the background the peaks of the Genoese Apennines up to the distant peak of Mount Antola. The walk proceeds towards the west after having passed Forte Sperone. It dominates the Val Polcevera in the west and east of Genoa, offering a magnificent panorama.




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